Congratulations! You are now part of our Tribe

Thank you for enrolling to our Yoga Teacher Training. We are very excited you have taken the next step in your life and career as a Yogi. We are honored to be part of it.

Find below all the information you require to prepare for the training.

Checklist before your Training
We generally use Kayak.com for flights and Hotels.com/Booking.com for overnight stays (long layovers). Closest airports to our trainings: Costa Rica: SJO or LIR (closest) Croatia: ZAG Miami: MIA or FLL India: DED (Dehradun) Some countries (e.g.: Costa Rica) require proof of return ticket before boarding the flight. Please double check with the airline and authorities online. Let us know if you need help. We are Pros at finding great prices too.
Documentation required for travel
Double check all your documentation is ready and up to date. The following list may help you remember all the things you may need to travel: Passport, Vaccinations, Travel Insurance, Flight connections, Transportation, and Visas (if required based on your nationality)
Reading and study materials
Yoga and Meditation
We want you to be in great shape (mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically, and spiritually) when you come to the training. If you stick to your daily routine (Sadhana) of Yoga practice and Meditation, it will help you create a firm base for the course. BTW, We offer a coaching program if you need help getting started.
Your experience
During the course we aim to create an authentic yoga ashram (spiritual retreat) experience. Hence, our trainings and events are smoke-free, substance-free, and meat-free. We encourage you to come with an open mind, ready to be challenged, grow and transform. With an attitude of kindness, compassion and humility, we can all create a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for everyone. The teacher training experience can be demanding as we are learning a lot and progressing quickly during this immersion-style course. However, there will also be "down" time and rest days, when you can enjoy relax and explore. We will offer Ayurvedic healing and other services during this time for you to enjoy.
Stay in touch
Feel free to contact us at info@hari-om.co and connect with us on social media (FB and Instagram) or through WhatsApp or FB Messenger. If you need some counseling, advice or wish to meet us for a specific topic you can setup an appointment. Make sure to whitelist us info@hari-om.co (see how-to here) to ensure you get all our emails and updates about the training and other ongoing events you can participate in.
Balance and Payment plans
The remaining of your training fees should be paid in full on arrival and/or before the first day of training. Our preference is for you to pay these fees in cash (USD, EUR or Cryptocurrency) on arrival to the training. You can also pay through Zelle, CashApp, Venmo. (if you use a service not listed here, we'll be happy to consider it, just ask us) If you wish to make payment(s) using credit card or Paypal, you will be charged an additional convenience fee of 5%. We have interest-free payment plans to help you, but as mentioned above, these will also require the 5% fee to be included in the payment(s).
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