Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Elevate Your Teaching Skills with Aerial Yoga

Hari OM Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Take your yoga journey to new heights with our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training. Designed for passionate yogis who want to expand their skills and soar in their teaching career, this course offers the perfect blend of practical skills, aerial techniques, and teaching methodologies. Experience the thrill and serenity of aerial yoga, and get ready to guide others through this transformative practice.

This course is for

  • Aspiring and experienced yoga teachers looking to diversify their skills.

  • Yoga practitioners eager to explore the world of aerial yoga.
    Fitness professionals interested in incorporating aerial elements into their practice.

  • Anyone passionate about a holistic approach to strength, flexibility, and wellness.

What you will learn in Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

  • Fundamental aerial yoga postures and sequences.

  • Safe and effective use of aerial yoga equipment.

  • Techniques to guide students of all levels in aerial yoga.

  • Anatomy and physiology relevant to aerial yoga.

  • How to create engaging and balanced aerial yoga classes.

  • Adaptation of traditional yoga asanas for the aerial hammock.

About the Hari OM Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, led by experienced aerialists and yogis, is a comprehensive program that combines the artistry of aerial yoga with the groundedness of traditional yoga practices. At Hari OM, we pride ourselves on offering a curriculum that is as enriching as it is challenging, set in an environment that fosters growth, exploration, and community.

Course Prerequisites

  • A minimum of 6 months of regular yoga practice.
  • Basic understanding of yoga asanas and principles.
  • Physically fit to handle the demands of aerial yoga.
  • Openness to learning and adapting new techniques.
  • Yoga teacher training certification / Pilates training certification for those wanting to teach Aerial Yoga (*Equivalent taken into account on a case-by-case basis)

Course Tuition Only

No Accomodation
$ 900
In-person Aerial Yoga Teacher Training
Hari OM Training Manual
Yoga Alliance Certificate
Daily Yoga and Meditation Class
6-night accommodation
2 daily vegan meals

Shared Accommodation

Tuition + Accomodation
$ 1650
In-person Aerial Yoga Teacher Training
Two Person Bungalow
Shared spa Bathroom
Daily Yoga and Meditation Class
6-night accommodation
2 daily vegan meals

Private Accommodation

Tuition + Private Room
$ 1800
In-person Aerial Yoga Teacher Training
Private Treehouse Room
Shared bathroom
Daily Yoga and Meditation Class
6-night accommodation
2 daily vegan meals

Deluxe Accommodation

Tuition + Private Bungalow
$ 2400
In-Person Aerial Yoga Teacher training
Deluxe Bungalow accommodation
Enjoy your own veranda
Spa Bathroom
6-night accommodation
2 daily vegan meals

Deposit is non-refundable, but it may be transferred to a later date (within 1 year) or similar product.

We accept many payment methods: Cash, Visa/Mastercard, Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Cryptocurrency, Bank Wire transfers. (5% convenience fee will be added to your total depending on your choice of payment method)

Interest-free payment plan available. After paying your deposit, divide the rest into 3 interest-free payments. You need to pay 50% of the total 30 days before the course begins, and 100% to receive your certification.


  • Day 1: Introduction to Aerial Yoga; Safety and Equipment

  • Day 2-3: Aerial Asanas and Sequencing

  • Day 4: Anatomy for Aerial Yoga

  • Day 5: Teaching Methodology and Practice Teaching

  • Day 6: Assessment and Certification Ceremony
    Note: Each day includes practical and theoretical sessions, with time for meditation, reflection, and community building.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training training Dates and Locations​​

Costa Rica
Other Locations

November 24 - 30, 2024

Tamarindo is a beautiful surf beach town on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica (Central America). The weather is warm year long, with occasional showers during the rainy season.

Yoga Ashram Costa Rica is a beautiful retreat center in the mountains, close to the town and beach of Tamarindo (10 min drive or 30 min walk). Designed by Eco-conscious principles, boutique with an intimate size of participants in each retreat, it was created as a blend of East and West, offering the traditional Ashram spiritual atmosphere, with the modernized comforts and experience. 

Coming soon.


Matea Zajec began her yoga journey at a young age, practicing bhakti-yoga, meditation, and asana. When she was a child, she suffered from various illnesses, until her mother found Ayurveda and she was quickly cured. That turned Matea, and her mother Adriana, towards a new path, and her mother became an Ayurvedic specialist, and later a doctor. Matea assisted her mother in her healing center from a young age.

In college, Matea lived in an ashram, rising early for meditation and practicing Seva, or selfless service, while studying ancient yogic texts and theology books. She graduated with a degree in Eastern Religions and Philosophy, and has been teaching yoga history, Bhagavad-Gita and Yoga Sutras in teacher trainings for years.

After years as a yoga teacher, she founded Hari OM Yoga & Wellness, aiming to offer the beautiful teachings of yoga and Ayurveda to the world. Matea is an E-RTY 500, and holds a 200hr certification in Vinyasa yoga, a 200hr certification in Anusara Yoga (both from prominent US-based Yoga schools), 300hr certification in Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda (from Rishikesh, India yoga school). She is also an Aerial and SUP yoga teacher, Tibetan singing bowl sound healer, Ayurvedic practitioner, Jyotish Vedic astrologer, Meditation teacher and Reiki master.

Matea is the lead teacher in the 200hr Yoga & Ayurveda