Job opportunities with Hari OM School of Yoga and Ayurveda

  • Marketing Yoga teacher trainings and retreats

Job Type: Remote, Part-time


We are looking for people to join our marketing team. This is a commission based job, where you will earn based on your referrals and sales. This job can be done remotely, part-time, leaving you plenty of freedom. 


Currently, our main need is assistance with promoting and selling our upcoming Yoga teacher trainings and retreats. We will provide you with marketing materials and copy, but are also interested in seeing your creative expression. Ideally, you will understand our mission and vision and will be able to add your own touch.


If you are interested in joining us for retreats or teacher trainings, you will be able to do so! Your commission earnings can also go towards your Yttc or retreat budget, so those with marketing experience looking to take a yoga training will have an opportunity to do so at a very decreased cost, or free, depending on your work. Our team members also enjoy discounts on certain special events, wellness treatments, and consultations. 

You are:

  • motivated

  • creative

  • responsible

  • good communicator

  • self-disciplined

  • lover of yoga, wellness, Ayurveda, healing


Great PLUS:

  • Previous experience working in the yoga and wellness field 

We are open to working with marketing specialists, who can create and run campaigns; and influencers and bloggers with strong online presences and existing platforms they can use to promote our offerings. 

Please send us your resume, and/or LinkedIn profile, your platforms and website links, and an outline on how you would devise a campaign for a yoga teacher training. If you have a desire to expand your wellness career by studying with Hari OM, let us know! 

Upon receiving your application, we will schedule a phone call where we can get to know each other better and talk about strategy.